Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today's Look- The Dress

Recently I posted a picture on my Facebook page wearing a blue tie-back maxi dress to a family wedding. I got SO many questions and comments about this dress, which makes me very excited to share with you where I purchased it, especially since I think it's still available! (see link below)

First off, I'm a FIRM believer that you can still look elegant without breaking the bank, and too often I find that other bloggers post pictures of outfits that are just not realistic for the everyday girl. (especially those of us that still wait tables :/) Now, this does not mean that I don't appreciate a fabulous designer handbag or sunglasses every once in a while. I mean, we still have to treat ourselves here and there, but I think mixing less expensive brands with high-end products is ABSOLUTELY acceptable. (and sometimes necessary.)

For example, I think every woman should own at least one expensive designer clutch or purse. It just makes you feel good, and even if you only use it for a special occasion, it's yours to feel proud of. Especially if you're lucky enough to pay for it yourself! ;)

So that was my rant on expensive things.

Now to the dress. I got this cut-out beauty from EXPRESS on CLEARANCE for under $40.00!! **THIS WHOLE OUTFIT WAS ON CLEARANCE** I believe it was 60% off and then I had addition coupons. I love express coupons! It also comes in black if you're looking for something more basic, but trust me, you won't be looking basic with this baby on.

The dress ties in the back, which creates sexy cut-outs around the mid tummy area, then has long slits in the front for just enough Angelina Jolie leg-stopping-action. A dress like this can also be dressed down for something a little more casual, like a garden party, with a pair of wedges. But I wanted to really **GLAM** this look up with bold accessories (opted for gold but a contrasting pink or coral would look pretty too) and a fun patterned shoe. And since it's long, it's still perfect for fall if paired with the right jacket or coat.

The shoes are Isaac Mizrahi, that I picked up from DSW for under $50.00 ( additional 40%off, Orig $130). All-in-all, I'd say this outfit is a WIN for the wallet!  

  Luis Andrino Photography

Dress EXPRESS//Shoe IsaacMizrahi DSW//Clutch CharmingCharlies//Earrings CharmingCharlies//Bangles CharmingCharlies

Stay classy!


  1. Love reading your post, especially love that your outfits are at a realistic budget that anyone can afford.

  2. Alicia! That is so sweet of you to leave me a comment! Love it! Thanks for the support! Xx