Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Wardrobe Essentials

Ever feel like your outfit is just "blah?" We've all had those days where we think "I need new clothes" or "I have NOTHING to wear.." Well here's a few of my favorite wardrobe essentials to make your outfit POP!  Having a few of these go-to items will save you a lot of time and money, especially when you gotta run out the door for that afternoon meeting, coffee with the girls, or date night with your boo.

Statement Necklace 

Everyone knows I LOVE a good statement necklace. This is my #1 trick when I wanna make a simple outfit standout. It even has the wonderful power of making this plain grey tee look dressy! Throwing on an eye-catching necklace can make you look like you actually made an effort when picking out your clothes this morning ;) 
*charming charlies

Cute Hat

          You should always have a cute hat on standby for those "I didn't wash my hair today" days.

Fitted Coat

 Find a classy, form-fitted coat that goes with everything. This especially comes in handy when you get off work and plan on meeting up with friends after. You can conceal any unflattering uniforms or fashion faux pas. 

Ballet Flats

We all own ballet flats. But next time you're shopping, pick out a great pair with some sort of pattern. They really do change the whole look of your outfit. Plus, they're comfy and perfect for SPRING.
*Tory Burch

Bright Bag

I'm not very "flashy" when it comes to my purses. I like to keep it simple and typically stick with neutrals you can wear with anything. However, this Fall, I found this baby at Nordstrom's anniversary sale for 1/2 off! ..No buyers remorse here!! I love how bright the blue is and it turned out to be the "must-have" color this season. It truly complemented every outfit, and made it look more polished. (I also received a ton of compliments on it, which is always nice.)
*Michael Kors- Nordstrom 

Leather Pants

Oh faux leather, how I am such a sucker for you. These comfy, animal-friendly pants, can easily go from day to night. I think every girl should own a pair of slimming black pants (no, I'm not talking about leggings.) However, truth is, not all of us look the same in tight leather, so if you have larger "assets," you may wanna consider a cute, oversized sweater or tank to wear over them :) I have tried-on numerous pairs of faux leather pants and they can make my hips look much larger (or my hips really are that big and I'm in denial by blaming the pants) but I found this pair, which are almost like sweatpants, with an elastic waist and ankle cuffs. I love this style in particular because I can wear these with flats, heels, and SNEAKERS! These are my new obsession.
*Forever 21 

Statement Heels explanation necessary..


..Because you need to know the time. jk. But really I think a watch should be a staple in EVERYONE'S wardrobe. Doesn't have to be too large or too expensive, just has to serve as a great piece of jewelry.. because who really looks at their watch anyway? Watches these days are more for fashion, not function. 
*Michael Kors

Fitted Blazer

Find a blazer with a nice fit and it can make so many wrongs-- right. They're just so versatile and again can even make this plain tee look chic. I prefer one below the waist-line and with a 3/4 length sleeve. Goes great over t-shirts, blouses, and dresses.


 Instead of a necklace, opt for a scarf with a fun pattern or pop of color.  Keep one in your bag to perk up any plain look by simply mixing prints! Try looping it around your neck once, or hanging it loosely by your sides, and pair it with that fitted coat.
*Nordstrom Rack

Stay classy

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